Light and Nanostructures...

 2016-2020 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, MEXT, Japan
 "Nano-Material Manipulation and Structural Order Control with Optical Forces"

 Research targets:
 - Microscopic interaction between light and nanostructures

 - Exciton-light interaction beyond LWA (Long-Wavelength Approximation) regime

 - Optical manipulation of nanostructures

 - Novel light frequency up-conversion by optical antennas

 - Superfluorescence of designed nanostructures

 - Optospintronics

 - Molecular optical-forbidden transition

 - Superefficient generation of entangled-photon pairs

 - Few photon nonlinearity

 - Nonreciprocal photo-propagation in metamaterials

 - Excitonic process in photosynthesis

 - Dielectric function spectra and optical transitions in
   nanostructured materials

 - Photo-induced deformation phenomena in ternary thallium compounds

 - Low-temperature spectroscopic ellipsometry